Where does the application for a TAT license take place?
In order to operate a tourism business in Thailand, a TAT license must be obtained from the Bureau of Tourism Business and Guide Registration (TBGR), Office of Tourism Development.

How do I determine whether I require a TAT license for my business?
You will need to apply for a TAT license if your business provides or gives services in connection with tourism activities within and outside the Kingdom as follows:

Tour business
Tourist accommodation business
Restaurants, service places and resorts for tourists
Sale of souvenirs or other goods for tourists
Sports for tourists
Exhibitions, shows, trade fairs, promotional advertisement or any other activities with the aim of encouraging and promoting tourism

Who are eligible to apply for a TAT license?

Travel and tour guide business is a restricted activity under the Foreign Business Act. A foreigner who is aiming to provide tourism-related goods and services will have to incorporate a juristic person or a Thai limited company to apply for a TAT license.

In order to qualify for a TAT license, a limited company must meet the following conditions:

The tourism business must have an office in Thailand.
The tourism business must be officially registered under Thai laws having the objective of running a tourism-related business.
At least 51 percent of the company shares shall be held by Thai natural persons.
The majority of its directors shall be Thai natural persons.
The authorized director(s) must possess the following qualifications:
Must be a Thai national
Must not be less than 20 years of age
Must have a residence in the Kingdom
Must not be bankrupt
Must not be an incompetent or quasi-incompetent person
The tourism business must not have had a TAT license suspended or revoked. If the license has been revoked, the revocation must not have occurred within the last five years.

What are the basic information and documents required in support of a TAT license application?
Company documents
ID card and tabien baan (house book) of the director of the company
Security deposit
Picture of the company premises
Proof of office building ownership

How much security deposit is required?
After your application has been approved, you are required to provide a security deposit which can be in the form of cash, bank security letter, and government or state enterprise bond, in an amount as stated below:

Specific area 10,000 baht

Domestic 50,000 baht

International (inbound) 100,000 baht

International (outbound) 200,000 baht

How long does the TAT license approval process take?
The application will take approximately one month to process upon full and complete submission of the supporting documents.

During the consideration period, the operator is prohibited from commencing business. Anyone who violates this rule may be fined.

How long is a TAT license valid?

The TAT license is valid for two years from the date of issue and it must be renewed within 120 days prior to its expiry date.

In the event of the dissolution of the tourism business, the license must be returned within 30 days prior to its expiry date.